12 Best Natural Health Affiliate Programs Review

Natural health affiliate marketing is by far the largest online affiliate program, with the second-largest being weight loss. Natural health is also a very wide niche encompassing almost every health condition known to man. The opportunities and profits from natural health affiliate programs in this niche are nearly unlimited, but as with any large industry, there are some potential pitfalls to avoid.

Affiliate marketers have been trying to break into this industry for years, and although there are numerous good programs available, most of them only cater to one or two niches at a time. Some will offer a broader selection of products to sell than others, and some may offer lower prices

12 Best Natural Health Affiliate Programs Review

But usually, these natural health affiliate programs will only cater to one niche at a time, and that can make it difficult for someone new to affiliate marketing to find a product to promote. Luckily, the Internet has dramatically changed the way affiliate programs work

In fact, the Internet has literally created the opportunity for you to create your own business and make your own living by marketing products from home. The downside is that you have to be willing to do a great deal of work and be willing to learn the ropes.

Natural health affiliate programs for beginners free

Although most affiliate marketing programs allow beginners to join and help with marketing, many require that you have a high school diploma or an associate’s degree before you can become an affiliate. Although natural health affiliate programs are not likely to earn millions of dollars, they can still make a good living if they know what they’re doing.

The best affiliate programs are those that pay on a regular basis. The more traffic you have to your website, the more money you make, so having quality traffic from people who have visited your site before is extremely important. There are several online affiliate programs that are legitimate and will pay you for your efforts.

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ClickBank health and fitness marketplace

One of these programs is ClickBank. The ClickBank affiliate program allows you to promote any number of companies and sell products of your choice. The problem with ClickBank is that they often make you pay out before your product has even shipped, and there are a few reputable merchants that do ship products and do not demand payment.

You should research the merchant’s reputation before joining. Read their website and find out how often they ship their minimum payment structure and their shipping policies. If the merchant is honest with you, they will tell you about what you can expect when you become an affiliate.

Linkshare affiliate marketing services marketplace

Linkshare is a great affiliate program, with a very simple pay structure, and a low minimum payout, as well as a free domain name and web host. However, the merchant does require you to start advertising a month before your product is ready to ship, and that’s something to watch out for.

Commission Junction health and wellness affiliate

The easiest and most popular affiliate program in Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a well-known online marketing site that allows you to promote products of your choice but gives you the ability to make money right away from your computer.

Some of the products available include everything from health products to electronic repair. Once you’ve found products that interest you, all you have to do is to promote the merchant by adding their links to your websites. You don’t even need to be a webmaster to be able to do this, and it is very easy.

Natural health affiliate programs like these are becoming increasingly popular because there are so many health products available for everyone. There is something for everyone from diet products to baby products to hair care products. Because the market is so large, affiliate programs have thousands of products to choose from.

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Other featured natural health affiliate programs

  • Market health: This healthcare affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to market and promote their world’s leading health and beauty offers online. They offer the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in the healthcare affiliate industry. If you have a website and have an interest in making money from the explosive sales in the health and beauty industry, then Market Health is perfect for you. Their offers include products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industries.
  • Natural Healthy Concepts: This healthcare company started with one person’s small dream. In 2004, Theresa Groskopp opened a nutrition counseling and consulting practice in her home in the Appleton area, Central Wisconsin. With Theresa previous work in the medical and social service fields after receiving a BA in Business from UW-Oshkosh, a valuable foundation for what happened next. her ever-increasing interest in health, she juggled work and studied nutrition. She completed the Certified Nutritionist Program with the American Health Science University, National Institute of Nutritional Education and is a certified nutritionist.
  • Natural Revenue: s a prestigious natural health affiliate company located in the Netherlands, and it’s responsible for distributing avant-garde, top-quality products. The company is supported by thousands of clients around the world who were able to prove first-hand the effectiveness of these products. Your profit margin could be great because these are top selling health products. A recent study we conducted showed that the customers that buy a product remain loyal to the brand and buy it again, benefiting both parties.
  • Healthy Wage: This is another natural health affiliate program that specializes in weight loss challenges. The health affiliate platform basically allows users to place a bet on how much weight they will lose over a certain period of time. If they lose the weight and win the bet, they will get paid! They also run weight loss challenges. Unlike other affiliate programs that pay affiliate marketers a percentage of the sale, Healthy Wage pays marketers a flat fee of $50 per referral.
  • Thrive Market: This natural health affiliate company is a members-only online grocery store that specializes in healthy, natural food products. Thrive market focus on non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Organic, and Vegan foods and healthy products which they sell at 25-50% below retail price. This makes them a great choice for bloggers who are specifically interested in natural food products. Thrive market affiliate program provides a commission when someone purchases an annual or monthly membership.
  • Just Thrive: This is another natural health affiliate program marketplace for health and wellness products, they provides high-quality probiotics, antioxidants, prebiotics, pet health supplements, and more. Their award-winning probiotics are popular amongst influence, and over time they have become a trusted brand. Just thrive have a great affiliate program, which anyone with a health and wellness blog can join. Commission rates are 10% on all products, but the great thing is that they have a 6-month cookie duration.
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Natural health affiliate programs are great because the commissions are generally very good. You will often get paid between 50% and 70% of the retail price of a product if you sell it from the merchant’s site. And many of them require you to have a high-quality website in order to sell products.

The natural health affiliate programs mentioned above are just some of the more popular. There are many other affiliate programs out there to choose from, and more are being developed every day.

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12 Best Natural Health Affiliate Programs Review

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