11 Recipes to Create a Cooking Video Free

Cooking videos or how-to videos are some of the most addictive content on social media. Tasty, the food video branch of BuzzFeed, coined this particular type of short, overhead cooking videos, and at just 18 months, they already receive more than 1.8 million visits per month. All this traffic was driven by these cooking videos.

Do you want to make an addictive cooking video recipe? Keep reading and we will tell you the essential ingredients, tips and tricks to make food videos that go viral.

Ingredients to make creative cooking videos

11 Recipes to Create a Cooking Video Free

A recipe that is easy and appealing

If your platform is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the objective of your cooking video is to attract the maximum number of viewers to visit your website. You will need something agile, accessible and visually attractive. Dishes such as soups, stews, and meats do not have enough colour contrast to be visually appealing;

This is not the case with desserts, cocktails, or any plate with sticky cheese or dripping chocolate. If you’re making a food video for YouTube, viewers tend to stick around longer, so a cooking video for YouTube may require a slower pace. On Facebook, however, it’s about generating enough spark to prevent fans from passing by.

A camera or two

We can use an iPhone for the top view and a DSLR camera for the side view, although a second iPhone works just as well.

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Soft and bright lighting

lighting is for photography, like baking flour: it is essential, but you do not need something traditional to achieve the desired effect. Even in the brightest spaces, you will need additional lighting if you use a smartphone. With these easy and inexpensive tricks, you can fake perfect cinematic lighting.

l Make sure the light sources match in colour. Natural daylight is bluish, while indoor lighting tends to be warm or yellow. Both indoor and outdoor lighting work, but you should avoid mixing the two. For clean, crisp production colours, choose only one type of light.

l Buy “soft” LED or CFL bulbs: Any store-bought LED and CFL bulbs are great affordable options and will work with any light in your home. Make sure they are smooth. Avoid using fluorescents. They will throw your food in an unappetizing green hue.

l Use a diffuser. Harsh lighting will cast sharp shadows, so unless your goal is to create a horror movie, fill the room with soft, diffused light. To blur cheaply and easily, use a paper lamp found in any Ikea and put it in the light source. Professional filmmakers even use this trick.

Have an uncluttered workspace

A cluttered office can negatively affect your production and cause you extra stress during cooking video production. Create a high-contrast background using construction paper or fabric.

Tools for recording

Bright colours translate better on the screen. Make sure your pots and pans are shiny and clean. Before you start shooting, check your materials for labels or anything you don’t want in your shots.

A tripod

Most cooking videos include an overhead view. Some tripods have a reversible centre head for these types of shots. You can also buy an accessory for your tripod of a lifetime. The most important thing to remember is to avoid moving the camera so that you can capture the perfect shot.

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The main view is the overhead shot, but it might be nice to have another angle to mix. You can use the desktop GorillaPod as an accessory for the iPhone because it is super flexible and can help you reach eye level with the platter. You can also hang it from any surface, allowing you to capture all kinds of interesting and eye-catching angles.

Tricks and tips

11 Recipes to Create a Cooking Video Free

Make a long statement but cut out the unnecessary

Do you remember the outline you created at the beginning? It’s probably too long, but it helps you get all the content you need and acts as the building block for your video. Add content according to your scheme, then go about deleting the videos or shortening the clips that slow down the action.

Try to organize the shots to play with different orders without losing your mind. Don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional recipe format!

Look for places to keep things simple, knowing that viewers who cook your recipe will likely need a written step-by-step guide. So the video recipe could be an explainer video or a how-to video. Please give the viewers a reason to visit your website and reveal all your secrets in the video.

Multiply the impact of your video with the duplicate function

Suppose you want to test how the different calls to action work or if you want the video you post on YouTube to achieve something different from the video that appears on Facebook.

Just duplicate the entire project with one click and change minor things to test variables or make supplemental content. You can also use the duplicate function to compare two drafts side by side to see which one works better. Try them with acquaintances to get their feedback.

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Replace images with icons

Did you forget to film a necessary step? Did the eggshell break all over the bowl and ruin the effect? Mistakes happen in the kitchen. Instead of starting over, look for a free-to-use icon or image to explain it in an alternative way. You can also use pictures or icons to communicate steps that are not visually appealing or boring.

Avoid recording everything continuously

We recommend following a storyboard and filming for 1-3 minutes at a time. Just be careful not to move or hit the fixed camera.

Adjust the speed of your video

The most potent recipe videos are one minute or less. You’ll notice that Tasty often speeds up shots. You can use the Timelapse function on the iPhone. Experiment with transitions, music, and backgrounds to get different effects on your videos. The wow factor will always lead to success and make your videos not boring.


Do you want to create the best cooking video recipes to promote your product? Now follow up the tricks and tips and make your own cooking video recipes.

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11 Recipes to Create a Cooking Video Free

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