11 Reasons Why Employee Choose to Quit Their Jobs

The process of hiring an employee is tedious and challenging, what’s worse is having hired the right candidate only to see them couple months away walking towards the exit. Employee engagement plays an important role in any company’s success. Loss of dedicated and hard-working employees is not only disappointing but costly and frustrating.

There are certain measures firms can adopt in order to prevent this raging behaviour but first, we must identify the reasons why talented employees choose to quit.

Why Employee Quit Their Workplace

Work-life balance

Most employees seek firms wherein they have a balance between professional and personal lives and are given space enough to grow on a personal note as well.

Scarce opportunities for growth

According to Linkedin, this is the most common reason why people quit their jobs. People want to constantly keep climbing and if they are not provided with the ladder they are willing to search elsewhere.

Bored and lack of motivation by the Employee

Poor employee engagement activities within the companies can be an eminent cause for lack of motivation. People need to be motivated daily and given challenges enough to not get bored with what they do. Passion needs to be instilled in the right direction for optimum results.

Independence on the job

Employees appreciate firms that cultivate a conducive environment for autonomy to thrive. Freedom to work in a manner they are accustomed to must be accepted by employers.

Employee Engagement

Monetary gains/benefits

Higher Pay along with perks make for a perfect package that every employee is seeking and If you don’t pay a competitive wage and offer attractive benefits, there is no reason for any employee to stick around.

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If the Employee is Feeling undervalued

Most employees tend to leave their jobs when they don’t feel appreciated or valued for the stress they put into. Social recognition and appreciation are the eminent keys to keeping your employees happy.

Relationships with colleagues

As humans are social animals, they tend to converse and network around but when they don’t find relativity or find co-workers who aren’t easy to be around they feel lonely and start researching for better places.

Above stated are among a few reasons why people tend to quit their jobs and if looked upon closely we realize how most of the reasons are within the company’s control and if concise measures are taken then employee retention may no longer be a problem at all. Companies must Lead, engage, and develop their people in a conducive & transparent environment where exits are rare and laughter can prevail.

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