11 Best Startup Business Ideas With Low Investment

So many people today are looking to leave the daily grind for something that feeds their passion. People do not want to retire at the age of 60 and look back on life and feel they have wasted it. Nothing is as good as working for yourself. Even when you love your present job, you need some startup business ideas that are more meaningful and comes with so many benefits.

When starting a new business especially if you are a startup, it can be tricky, but we just need to face it, pretty risky too you are putting in more hours than at a 9-5 job elsewhere, and there will be moments where you may actually be sacrificing a lot more than just your time. Even then, it is absolutely worth it.

While thinking of new startup business ideas, the first thought that may have crossed your mind was probably,

  • What should I sell?
  • Which market segment has the most money?
  • How do I start with my current skill set?

We have created a list of startup business ideas that have been split into categories

  • Product-based business ideas
  • Service-based business ideas

We hope this gives you a little insight into the different segments that you could break into and what they would entail.

Some Startup Business Ideas You can Invest On

Direct Mail Marketing

This is a type of startup business ideas which involve sending letters, postcards, or other promotional materials to past, current or potential customers, or clients. Direct mail campaigns may be targeted to either a consumer or business or both. In many cases, the mailing is directed to a target demographic (i.e. homeowners) or geographic market (i.e. a specific neighbourhood).

In most cases, it is mass or bulk mailing, but you can send direct mail in smaller quantities as well. Often, people think only in terms of mailing ads when considering direct mail. But there are several different ways a home business could use direct mail to get clients or customers. Learn more about how to use Direct Mail Marketing as a potential Startup Business Ideas

Mobile Phone Repairs

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that requires minimum investment to start and little to no experience. Considering that this is a rather new industry that people are interested in, there aren’t many good resources out there to help get you started. The mobile phone repair business is great for low capital business owners and offers your customer convenience.

Startup Business Ideas

It is good for developing relationships with your customers and is great for referrals. The downside of the mobile repair business is that you can only work on one device at a time. This will generate lower profit margins, but allow you to have better control over your schedule.

With a mobile phone repair business, the start-up costs is extremely low. You can literally start with a single cell phone screen and make enough money to quadruple your inventory. However, depending on which business model you chose from above, you may have additional costs to calculate. Let’s break down what those costs may include and how much money you can earn

Landscaping Service Startup Business Ideas

There are many advantages to start running a home-based landscaping service. You are a master of your own destiny, and you can devote as much or as little time to the business as you want. You have a short commute to work if you’re based in your own community. You can work at your own pace and at virtually any time during regular daylight hours.

You also can enjoy the fresh air, get a good cardiovascular workout, and bulk up your muscles. Once you invest in the tools and toys you need to manicure lawns or install landscaping professionally, you’re generally set for years.

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You don’t need much in the way of office equipment, either, and you can set your office up in a corner of the den or a spare bedroom rather than laying out extra cash for a commercial space. You can get more landscaping ideas online on spending more time enjoying your business and less time tending to it.

You have to be physically fit and able to handle the rigours of the job, which can include lifting heavy equipment off and onto trailers, and wielding bulky handheld implements for hours at a time. You’ll be handling potentially dangerous machinery and hazardous chemicals.

You will have to be a very savvy business manager who can administer cash flow, invent advertising and marketing campaigns, and implement a survival plan that will take you through the lean winter months. Learn more about exactly how much can you earn.

Food Truck Business

We have so many different types of food out there that can be good for a food truck fare. But with limited space and resources, you can really only offer a few different menu items that fit into a specific category. Some food trucks offer tacos, some offer burgers, some offer desserts and some offer various other food categories.

Startup Business Ideas

If you need to find something that fits with your expertise and appeals to your target customers and stick with it, rather than trying to do a little of everything. You need to figure out exactly what items fit with your niche and can easily be made in a small space with a limited amount of equipment. Create a menu that gives people enough of a variety to choose from, without overcomplicating things for yourself and your team.

Once you figure out the expenses for each item, you’ll also need to set prices for each of your menu items that are fair but still help you cover the costs of running your business. You can make it even easier for people to find you wherever you are if you set up a presence online and on social media. Update your Facebook page or Twitter account with where you’ll be on each day so that your loyal fans can find you and buy food from you. Learn more

Handyman Business Plan

This is another startup business ideas that provide a wide range of services needed for the maintenance of buildings and properties. The services provided by a handyman include plumbing, electrical works, carpentry, painting, heating and cooling services and other building and property maintenance and repair works.

The business is becoming more popular in recent times and this is because of the fact that people are becoming creative with ways of making money and developing new business ideas so as to be able to make a living. The creation of this business has also been as a result of people losing their jobs and the increasing number of people who want to set up their own businesses.

Handyman business has been made popular because people are becoming busier by the day with work and their family and they have no time to do the odd-jobs which that needs to be done in their homes and on their property. They, therefore, need help to get those little jobs done. Whether you are well versed in facility/property management or you have no such experience, it is a business that can be conveniently done.

Party Entertainer Business Plan

There are many options available in terms of starting a party entertainer business. You can work as an agency, representing entertainers for parties. Or, if you have the skills, you can be an entertainer yourself. The different types of entertainers for children’s parties include clowns, magicians, trained pet shows, singers and skit plays. You can also gear your act to adults and offer your services for corporate events as a magician or karaoke deejay.

This is a relatively low-investment business to start and operate, and the profit potential is very good. I contacted four different agencies and found the average rate for party entertainers was $50 per hour, with a minimum charge for 1-1/2 hours including travel. An agency representing entertainers for parties or being an entertainer yourself is a good home-based business that allows for flexible hours, good income potential and loads of fun.

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Your potential customers are parents who are giving their children parties, and businesses who are planning anniversary, holiday or summer events for their employees. While you can advertise in the Yellow Pages and send fliers to local businesses, your best marketing tool will be word-of-mouth. Be sure to bring brochures or business cards to every gig you get.

Bed and Breakfast Startup Business Ideas

This is a sort of hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, embodying the best of both worlds. A bed and breakfast is generally a small establishment with four to 10 guest rooms instead of the 50 to 100 or more found at most hotels. The owners live on-site and interact with travellers as if they were invited guests rather than anonymous temporary room numbers.

Guests are treated to lost of little deluxe touches like chocolates on their pillows, turn-down service, and baskets of bath and beauty products set out on Jacuzzi tubs. Bed and breakfast also tend to feature frosty glasses of iced tea or lemonade on the porch on hot summer afternoons; cups of cocoa after sleigh rides on wintry afternoons; plates of cookies in the kitchen; and wine and cheese in the parlour on dusky evenings–all a part of the room rate.

The bed and breakfasts are so popular and becoming more so all the time. According to the Santa Barbara, California-based Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII), in 1980 there was a relative handful of B&Bs/country inns1,000 properties that hosted 1 million guests. At the latest count, at the turn of the millennium, that figure had swelled to 28,000 properties hosting 50.5 million guests.

Whether you want to start a bed and breakfast business to escape the rat race, to supplement your income, to create a business out of a historic home that you love, or to indulge your love of being a host or hostess, you’ll want to know the profit factor.

The answer varies a great deal, depending on the number of guest rooms in your bed and breakfast, the seasonal (or not) nature of your locale, the length of time you’re in operation, how creatively you promote your business, and how hard you want to work. Learn more on how to start these type of startup business ideas

Food Delivery Startup Business

If you are interested in starting a business in the food cum restaurant industry, then one of the ways you can enter the industry is to create your niche or choose a niche that you can effectively maximize. Starting food delivery services to homes and offices (corporate organizations might just be the door into starting something thriving and profitable.

No doubt if you want to start a new business, it is required that you have a good business plan in place before launching out if indeed you don’t want to run your business as a mediocre. Below is a sample homes and offices food delivery services business plan template that can help you to successfully write your own with little or no difficulty;

The home and office food delivery services industry much active in the United States of America, Canada and European countries. The industry generates several millions of US dollars annually from several registered and unregistered small scale, medium scale and big home and office food delivery services businesses scattered all around the United States of America.

If you are contemplating opening a home and office food delivery services business in the United States, you should ensure that you carry out a thorough market survey and feasibility studies so you that you will be able to get the ideal location with the right demographic composition. The truth is that, if you get some key factors wrong before starting your own home and office food delivery services business, then you are likely going to struggle to stay afloat.

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Mobile Retail Boutique Startup Business Ideas

As a startup who is looking to launch a retail business, but don’t have a tremendous amount of start-up capital to get it started, then a mobile boutique may be right for you. As we know, mobile businesses have been around for quite a while. Just think of the people who sold Tupper Ware, the women you see selling Mary Kay, the vendors you see at festivals or the food trucks you see all over town.

Mobile boutiques are popping up across the country. Popular in Los Angeles and New York, mobile boutiques are like food trucks but instead of selling food, they are selling clothing and accessories. Here are some reasons why I am starting a mobile boutique and why you should too.

Mobile boutiques are created out of former delivery trucks, RV’s, trailers, and buses. Most of these boutiques are covered with a customized, eye-catching vehicle wrap or paint job to entice customers and then once customers step inside they are not disappointed.

Massage Therapy Startup Business

We have put together this simple step guide to help you start these startup business ideas. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant. Many massage therapists offer special services, such as hot stone massages and essential oils. Consider the services you plan to offer and invest accordingly.

To help reduce rent, many massage therapy entrepreneurs choose to share their workspace with chiropractors or physical therapists. This not only reduces monthly overhead costs, but it also ensures a steady flow of clients through an ongoing referral program. As a massage therapist, you have a distinct advantage over many business owners you offer a service everyone values.

The ideal client for your business is dedicated to holistic healing and will help spread the word about how your services stand out above the rest. As the owner of a massage therapy business, you have the unique opportunity to heal and make a great living doing it. Learn more about the steps to start the massage therapy Business

Security Service Startup Business Ideas

This is a needed business because companies and individuals often don’t have the resources to perform their own security detail. Security guard services usually charge hourly fees for the services being provided. The prices charged will increase based on the number of security guards provided for the clients. Costs for starting a security guard business are minimal.

The largest cost is insurance, which can be up to $3,000 for a 6-month term. Legal and regulatory costs will run about $500. The cost of basic equipment and uniforms varies. If guards have their own firearms or force equipment, then the cost will be minimal. If not, they can range from just a couple hundred dollars for a used handgun to several thousand dollars.

Some local and state laws require security companies to maintain an office. Minimize these costs by using shared-space small offices. A shared office will cost several hundred dollars per month, depending on where you live. Dedicated offices can run several thousand per month.

Security companies typically work with wealthier clients who have valuable property to protect. These clients are usually businesses that guard valuable information, tangible items, or individuals within their premises. On rare occasions, a company might be hired to protect an individual, like a local or national celebrity, a political figure, or CEO of a large company. Learn more on how these startup business ideas can help you make money

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