10 Ways Time Off Request Software Can Save You Money

The natural business person or the owner knows the common deal of the “Time is money” phrase. Leading the team to work together brings success, but if you cannot track your employees’ time using a time off request software, it might get you into trouble.

Every person is allowed to take a break from what they are doing, but this might cause trouble when working. If you are the leader or owner of a company, then you have to keep track of the employees’ time, and that is the other key to running a successful business besides Strategy or plan of the business.

Here are ten ways time off request software saves you money and saves you from missing deadlines.

Decrease time theft

When anyone mentions the workplace, people often think about pen or notebook or something materialistic product theft. Still, when it comes to Time theft, it is more common. The employees deliberately steal time from the work hour and extend their certain activities like extending their break hours or taking some personal time like booking an appointment of doctors or solve some house emergencies.

10 Ways Time Off Request Software Can Save You Money

Time off request software will give everyone a fast way to block time off for those extended activities. And anyone needs to book an appointment with a doctor or need a break to freshen up their mind. So they are going to send a quick request rather than steal the work hour times.

Streamline administrative tasks

There are ongoing works for the administrative people Instead of calculating hours and schedules on a spreadsheet for a few hours. Rather than doing that, some administrative employees can work on the thing the company will profit from. For example, they can work on a project like improving marketing or consumer experience.

Instead of studying numbers in scheduling software takes people away from using their time more efficiently, it is better to lead the employees to do the things that will directly grow the profit amount for the company.

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Minimize Payroll Errors

Giving numerical data input looks easy but can easily present room for error. The employees often forget to clock their overtime or the extra time they put in and sometimes add more time to their weekly timesheet than they worked. Sometimes it happens because they feel exhausted, and sometimes they intentionally choose to do so. But it can be stopped with the Time off request software.

This time off request software program automates tracking employees’ time. The administrative will always have an exact recording of their team’s schedule. No one will have to input overtime hours to fix simple clocking mistakes, and companies won’t pay anyone for the time they didn’t invest in their work.

Maximize Employee Productivity

Many employees should take a leave of one or two days, maybe even more. Still, they do not ask because they do not comfortable asking the management about their problems. They come to the workplace as usual but cannot be as productive as they use to be on other days.

They are mostly afraid to ask the management about getting paid off (PTO) because they are aware that working hours are everything at the workplace. But a simple software program like an employee intranet portal gives them an easy way to stay home when they need to because it’s always available. It could also explain when they’re entitled to time off.

End Buddy Punching

It happens when somebody knows coming their way to the office that they are going to be late because maybe they are stuck in traffic or they leave late due to some house emergencies or anything it can be; they usually give a message to their close colleague who is already at the office to clock in for them because they are already few times lately. This is called “buddy punching”.

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It steals time from the workplace and costs companies big time while processing paychecks. Of course, management never wants to pay people for the time they weren’t at work, but time off request software programs can reduce how often this happens.

Through this app, people can send a request for more or less time when running the timing behind. As a result, it’s much simpler for anyone on the go and saves companies from paying for buddy punching.

Improve company transparency

Sometimes, the employees may not understand or remember the company’s policy. That is why that does not apply for it and ignore it. Sometimes people earn weeks of PTO that don’t cycle over into the next year and never use them because they’re confused and don’t know whom to ask.

Time off request software gives access to every employee and improves company transparency. However, management should take care of the PTO requirements in detail to avoid any miscommunication.

Prevent unnecessary Employee overtime

Employees doing overtime also cuts into the company’s payroll budget. Overtime could also include minutes or hours that employees didn’t work, whether they input it deliberately or forgot to edit their inputs after a long week.

If they invest in time off request software, scheduling managers or leaders can check pre-approved schedules with what’s happening in actual time. If upcoming PTO approvals don’t match company policies, they can solve issues immediately before overtime payments go out.

Avoid Fair labour lawsuits

FLSA or The Fair Labor standards act created a national policy to ensure the correct payment of the qualified labourers who are doing overtime and do not get their deserving payment. Fair Labor lawsuits might happen if a company doesn’t have a simple way to request and track time-off requests.

Business owners and the management can avoid getting into this kind of trouble by using time off request software and mobile apps. Also can save the companies money and time.

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Centralize scheduling Data

Bigger companies always employ more people to schedule or track time clock needs. It can cause significant company miscommunication if the team members search for information like who is doing overtime or taking time off in different places.

By centralizing schedule data makes it easier for everyone at work. It helps the employees to understand who can get time away from work and who needs more hours. In addition, by using the software program handling, PTO related issues become easier.

Expedite Team communication

When someone requests the management to grant their paid time off(PTO), they are likely to send their request via email to the management. And the manager who gets the email from the employee sends it to the other manager, and then they send it to the other one. And that is why the process become lengthier and takes more time.


This problem can be easily solved if the employee can email directly to the concerned person through the use of a time off request software program. The process will be so simpler and faster. Also, the other managers who use to make a chain can do other works, which may increase the company’s productivity.

These are the 10 ways time off request software saves you money. In addition, streamlining and centralizing communication and Expedite allows people to become more productive, and the process in the workplace becomes faster and simpler.

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10 Ways Time Off Request Software Can Save You Money
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