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10 useful Google Chrome Extensions of 2020

Everyone knows that about the google chrome extensions Browser. No doubt about chrome is the most commonly used browser in the world. Whether we are in the office or at home we daily used this for browsing. Most people used this browser and recommend this browser, so the question is why these people used and recommend this browser?

The answer is simple because Google Chrome is a secure browser and providing all features that a normal browser has not. Today in this article we will talk about the useful Google Chrome extensions of 2020.

Google Chrome extensions lists

Grammarly Extension

“Grammarly” extension is helpful in grammar mistakes. When you are typing mail and you do a mistake then “Grammarly” will help for correction. Further when you are chatting with friends & family and you do a mistake then “Grammarly” helps for grammar correction.

This is a very useful extension and we recommend using this extension for the correction of grammar mistakes. The Google Chrome extension quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool.

Google Chrome extensions

The Grammarly extension is a great tool for freelancers who specialize in freelance writing, but it’s also useful for any freelancer who needs to communicate concisely and professionally. When you have to make an impression, the Google Chrome extensions premium can help you elevate the quality of your writing through word choice, tone, and style-specific writing suggestions.

Tube buddy Extension

Tube Buddy is a Google Chrome Extension. If you are YouTuber, then this extension is useful for you. Tube buddy helps to grow your YouTube channel, so the question arises that how Tube Buddy helps to grow the channel. Tube Buddy has certified by YouTube and has SEO features about the YouTube channel so it provides all features to users.

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YouTube channel SEO, Keyword search tool, Tittle & descriptions correction, and much more are all part of Tube Bubby features. We recommend to all YouTubers that use this extension and grow their channel quickly. Also read: SEO Chrome Extensions: Top 15 Google Chrome Extension 2020

Stylish Extension

Stylish is a Chrome Chrome extension that helps to change web colours. Most people visit different websites and don’t like theme colours so the Stylish Google Chrome extension will help allow to change the colour of these websites. You will be able to change the colours of these websites.

Stylish Google Chrome extensions provide you with services that include suggestions and access to relevant styles for web pages you visit, as well as the install count for each style. To enable this service, the Google Chrome extensions will collect your browsing data on an anonymous basis and from enabled permissions such as:

Fair Adblocker Extension

Fair Adblocker Chrome Chrome extensions that help to block ads on websites. Most people don’t like ads that appear on websites. So “Fair Adblocker” will help to block these ads, pop up, and cookies. Fair Adblocker is such a useful extension, we recommend that you should use it once.

Google Chrome Extensions

Fair Adblocker Google Chrome extensions enable you to block many types of ads, you will have full control. With the AdBlocker extension, you can block annoying ads, pop-ups and malware and protect your device from any security threats and protect your privacy from online tracking.

Last Pass Extension

Last Pass extension is a password manager that helps to autofill passwords for all of the accounts that you allow in this extension. This is a very useful extension and 7.8 Million people have used this extension. We recommend that you should try.

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HTTPS Everywhere Extension

HTTPS Everywhere extension helps to ensure a website is secure or not before you visit it. HTTPS Everywhere is a useful extension because some websites are very dangerous and when you visit and face different types of problems. For example, while visiting some exe file auto download into your computer and auto-install. Such type of files is very harmful and can be damage to your system.

The Google Chrome extensions watch for a shield button in your address bar, which means that Chrome will block any insecure portions of the webpage you visited. Sometimes the pages will look weird with their insecure portions removed. Clicking on the Google Chrome extension will let you load the webpages, but will reduce your security and privacy.

Click & Clean Extension

Click and clean extension helps delete the history of the browser. “Click and clean is a useful extension” because for deleting the history of the browser we do manually go in the history bar and delete but this extension allows deleting in one click. How that cool and we recommend that use this extension for deleting the history of the browser.


The Google Chrome extension is a powerful website auditor that can crawl 100s of web pages in minutes for SEO, speed and security problems, it will uncover broken links, duplicate titles, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure password forms, redirect chains, mixed content errors and more.

Checkbot Google Chrome extension will tests for 50+ SEO, speed and security best practices (see below) based on recommendations from web experts such as Google, Mozilla, W3C and OWASP. Checkbot can test the SEO, page speed and overall security of more than 200 plus URLs per domain. 15 A thousand users are using this extension. We recommend that you must use it for SEO. Checkbot is specially designed for SEO tools.

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The Google Chrome extensions require access to all URLs because they will insert a script to extract the canonical and ogurl URL from the page. This allows us to always fetch an accurate share count for you. The extension also looks for useful information like the Twitter username of the author in the page source.

Google Chrome Extensions

These features would not be possible without asking for the all_urls permission, which carries a warning when you install the extension. BuzzSumo Google Chrome extensions help with knowing that how content is performing. Just click on the extension and will be shown all information such as several social shares and backlinks. 20 thousand people have used this extension and we recommend that use this extension.

Extensions Manager

Extensions Manager is a useful Google Chrome extension that helps in manage all extensions that you add to the browser. For example, I have 20 extensions and difficult to manage, so the “Extensions Manager” will help to manage all extensions. 97 thousand people have used this extension and we recommend that use this.

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