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10 Steps to Download Facebook Video and GIFs for Keep

Facebook is of the social media that has changed the way people are interacting with one another on the internet. This is the biggest social media platform with 100 billion users where everyone is always online to share their view and thoughts using videos and amazing pictures. Once you watch an interesting Facebook video, you will always want to save it to watch.

In this article, we are going to show you comprehensively on how you can download the videos with simple tips and tricks. Once you like a video on Facebook and you are willing to download the video, just follow the tips below

How to Download a Facebook Video

When you watch a video on Facebook and you want to download it, just click on the video to copy the URL and visit the FB downloader. FB Downloader is a fast and free way to download and save Facebook videos as MP4’s.

FB Downloader was created so that anyone can download and save their favourite Facebook videos online using an easy to use web interface. It was designed to work across all platforms so users can enjoy the same user experience whether they browse the website on their iPhone, Android mobile or PC.

FB Downloader is completely free to use and does not require any third-party software to work. The online Facebook downloader will allow you to save any public Facebook videos in high-quality or low-quality MP4 format. To get started, just grab the link to the Facebook videos and let the servers quickly convert and process the video to a downloadable MP4.

Download Facebook Video

If you are trying to download private Facebook videos then please visit the private video downloader. To learn a little more about the website, please visit the about us page.

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How to save private Facebook videos

Copy the Page Source: Copy the video page source by right-clicking, selecting view source and copy all.
Paste the Page Source: Paste the video source into the text area above and hit “Download”.
Download The File: Right-click on the video file you would like to download and click “Save As”.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos on Computer using the Chrome Extension

You will need to download the Video Downloader PLUS on Google Chrome Webstore. Just click on Add to Chrome, To download the Facebook videos downloader from the Chrome Webstore.

Video Downloader PLUS

Once the Video Downloader PLUS is installed Successfully you will see the Sign up on the right top of your browser. Anytime you see a video on Facebook, This icon will Turn Green and it will show you the list of Videos available to download.

Steps to Download the Video on your Android Devices

About 80% of Facebook users are using Facebook Lite. Following these steps will show the way to download Facebook videos on any Android device. To download video on facebook on your android device, first, you will need to install the MyVideoDownloader for Facebook: download videos.

You can download Facebook videos and GIFs, save and share videos from Facebook with this most advanced video downloader, fast and easy to use. This is the only mobile app for Android that can download HD videos.

You can use it to send a video or GIF to your friends on WhatsApp or Telegram directly. You can use this App to download shared videos of your friends and download videos from your news feed, groups or pages.

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All you need to do is just signup in the App using your Facebook account, and Browse facebook from that app, Once you see a video that you like. you just need to click on the video it will give you an option to download the Facebook videos on Android Smartphone.

I will recommend using the app for a Facebook stocking if you like a video on the Facebook app and then open this app for video download. there is a chance that you won’t be able to find the same video again unless you share the video on your timeline or on your friend’s timeline to find the same video again whenever you ready to download facebook videos on any android device.

This the best way to download all your Facebook videos, Both Public and Privately shared videos on your PC and android devices.

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