10 Powerful Website Builders to Launch Your Site

Suppose you have stumbled upon a business idea and want to build an online business around it. In that case, you will need the services of a professional website designer or look for a free website builder software you can use to create a business website for your brand.

In this review, we’ll look at the best free website builders for small businesses that will empower you to get your business online in less than an hour and for free based on the features and factors that matter most to small businesses, such as ease of use, price and selling tools.

Well, we’ve been in your position before. We’ll walk you through every step of launching your website, even if you lack technological expertise. Creating a website is much simpler than you would imagine.

Top 10 most popular free website builders

Wix – All-Around Website Builder

Wix is a free website builder with powerful technology that allows everyone to get online with a personalized, professional web presence. Whether it’s your first time creating or you are a long-time expert, you’ll find the features and solutions you need to build a professional website with total creative freedom.

Wix Website Builder

The global user base, open SDK, and unparalleled design capabilities of Wix create a unique ecosystem. Partners, developers, web designers, and other online professionals can effectively market their apps and services to millions through Wix.

The free website builder provides a world-class platform to over 200 million users worldwide, empowering anyone to express themselves and build their online presence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, developer, musician, photographer, or restaurant owner, you’ll find specialized features to create a professional website and manage your business.

GoDaddy – Quickest and Most Effective Website Builder

GoDaddy is one of the most established names in the internet business. While they’re more famously known for domain names and web hosting, you can also build your website with their free website builder.

The company recently launched a brand-new version of website builder, and if that feels a little like deja-vu, probably because it’s the second time in two years that they’ve done so. GoDaddy website builder, previously known as GoCentral (and simply Version 7 before that), is now officially a completely new builder called Websites + Marketing.

The biggest criticism of the previous version o was that it was too restrictive, so with all these new changes, we wanted to know: Has GoDaddy finally improved its website builder? At first glance, it looks promising, with a modernized interface and a free plan (which wasn’t an option before).

Weebly – Ideal for Beginners

Unlike most website builders, Weebly doesn’t let you preview how it looks on smartphones or tablets. On the upside, Weebly’s templates sport beautiful, modern designs, and you can swap themes without needing to rebuild your site from scratch as you would with Squarespace 7.1. Editors’ Choice pick Gator lets you change templates without rebuilding a website.

Weebly Website Builder

Early in the website-creation process, many website builders task you with filling out a form containing your basic business and contact info, info that populates into your website design. Weebly, however, requires you to activate this in Settings or manually enter the business info into pages.

One of Weebly’s biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t provide online storage for your website images and videos so that you can reuse them. Instead, you must store the images locally and re-upload them whenever you want to use them elsewhere.

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Jimdo – Small Online Store Builder

Jimdo is a cloud-based website builder which helps businesses create websites, add images, logos, and text using drag-and-drop and modify colours and layouts. Jimdo lets companies set up an online store, receive payment from customers, and provide them with a local pickup option.

Jimdo Website Builder

Other features include

Using the website builder logo creator, professionals can create custom logos with numerous icons and fonts and adjust them as per social media formats. Jimdo offers three plans:

  • JimdoFree – always free!
  • JimdoPro – $90 / year, includes
    • Domain name
    • Email account, and up to 15 store items
  • JimdoBusiness – $240 / year
    • Two domain names
    • 20 email accounts
    • Unlimited store items

Jimdo is a great website builder and host. Their menus are easy to learn and get started. You can create a site for free to see how it goes. There is a great selection of templates to look unique, as well as plenty of opportunities to tune the look with editing and customizing colours, text, and layouts.

Picture uploads got a lot easier, with the ability to edit them. To access/edit your site, type your site with /login as a suffix from any browser you use. You can change your website name, and the change will be flawless. Annual costs are reasonable compared to other services like GoDaddy.

Site123 – Great Design Assistance

SITE123 is an editor that makes creating a website feel as easy as pie. As the name suggests, you can create a website in three steps: choose a design, add content, and go live. There are general categories of plans like business, online store, or portfolio.

Site123 Website Builder

They then break down into specific niches like law firms, hair salons, or gardening. There’s no complicated setup process since you can do everything in your browser. Like many other website builders, it has a blog and an online store.

Their pricing structure is not obvious, unfortunately. When you go to the pricing page, you might get the impression that only one premium plan is available. You can choose from several methods, but you must create a free account first.

It allows you to try out everything as long as you want. In case you like the offering, you can opt for an upgrade. You’ll get a free domain for the first year and the ability to create email accounts. For more details, check the pricing and table section.

Strikingly – Designed for Simple Websites

Strikingly is a feature-rich website builder that enables people with no experience to create modern and beautiful websites quickly. If you need a tool for designing single-page responsive websites that look amazing on mobile devices, then Strikingly.com might be the perfect solution.

The website builder is perfect for creating personal, small business, or eCommerce websites. No coding knowledge is required. You’ll get easy-to-use custom templates and elegant design features powered by a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop website builder tool.

Most similar website builders offer tools for designing multi-page websites, but Strikingly’s focus is on creating simple, minimalist websites that house content on just one page. The company achieves this approach by offering layouts instead of using vertical scrolling.

Webflow – Used by Designers

Webflow is a full-featured Do-it-Yourself website builder empowering designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to create for the web.” The company offers a variety of products designed to help people get up and running with a beautiful, fully-customized webpage without sacrificing flexibility or forcing users into moulds created by pre-designed,

Webflow Website Builder

Like most other website builders, the foundation of a Webflow website is a template. There are hundreds of professionally-designed templates from which you can choose. You can customize your selected template to be perfect for your brand and goals.

Using Webflow’s designer, you get the full power of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. However, you generate your code using the visual designer instead of writing code line by line. You move pre-built blocks around, add features, and make customizations.

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Meanwhile, the designer makes clean, semantic code for an optimized website behind the scenes. If you want to tweak the code itself, know that you’ll get all of the features included in CSS3 and HTML5, including support for the

  • Box model
  • 3D CSS transforms
  • custom transitions
  • Floats
  • Flexboxes

You can use the latest in typography, gradients, and DOM organization. With lots of functionality comes a learning curve, but if you’re familiar with the Adobe product interface, you’ll feel at home. Webflow makes things easier for you to design by offering a library of pre-built, customizable components. Learn more

Webnode – Easy to Set up

Webnode website builder offers a variety of features to develop personal, business, and eCommerce websites. The most prominent function of all is the drag-and-drop website editor. With this tool, users can create a website in minutes and not have to deal with any special code unless they want to.

If you’re searching for a website builder, the natural question to ask is, why do so many users settle for Webnode?

Whatever category your particular website falls under, Webnode offers four paid plans to choose from:

  • Limited
  • Mini
  • Standard
  • Profi

While the packages vary in terms of bandwidth, storage, and functionality, all include

  • A form builder
  • Password protection
  • Premium templates
  • Custom domain names
  • Personalized emails
  • Site backup and recovery

One unique feature you will find with higher tier plans when using Webnode website builder to design a site is multilingual support. If you’re looking to create an international website, Webnode can translate your website into 20 languages.

Webnode does offer a free package if you want to create a personal eCommerce site. Although it is quite basic, you’ll still get your domain name, full access to the site builder, 100MB storage, and 1GB bandwidth.

Ucraft – Excellent for Multilingual Websites Creation

Ucraft is one of the more advanced and generous website builders on the list. Like the others, it’s got a drag-and-drop editor, a good selection of templates, and supports eCommerce functionality. However, Ucraft stands out because it lets you connect an existing custom domain name with its free plan.

Ucraft Website Builder

It also comes with an SSL certificate and unlimited storage. Ucraft’s portfolio page shows sample websites built by its clients. Ucraft provides free web hosting by Google, which includes subscription fees. Will will store any content from your website on a secure server.

SimpleSite – Great Mobile Editor

SimpleSite is a cloud-based website builder designed to help businesses create customizable websites using various theme templates on a centralized platform. Site visitors can share web pages across social media channels such as Twitter, and Facebook according to individual preferences.

Using SimpleSite website builder, organizations can choose custom domain names to establish brand identity with customers and add videos to websites from social channels like Vimeo or YouTube.

The website builder allows administrators to design, launch, and manage personalized online stores, websites, blogs, and digital bookstores using custom themes, logos, colours, payment processing systems, product descriptions, and images.

Managers can create photo albums by selecting multiple slideshow layouts or transitions according to business needs. SimpleSite includes a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol, which lets organizations securely encrypt information. The platform also helps businesses add maps to corporate websites, change domain names, and view or edit online stores from remote locations.

Seven steps you can follow to build a website

Whether you’re starting your online business for the first time or you have an established offline business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available when starting an online business.

Let’s see if you can build a website with these nine easy steps

Select the right free website builder

Free website builders will make a website easier; all website builders are not the same. They are suited for different types of websites. You can try them out to see which one suits you the best. There are a variety of free website builders. It would help if you considered the following before making a choice.

  • Ease of design
  • Flexibility
  • Budget
  • Free/Trial Plan available
  • Online Reviews
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Select a plan as per your needs and budget

Selecting a plan depends on your budget. The cost of hiring a website developer to build your website from scratch can often run into the thousands if you are on a budget. I suggest you look for cheap plans online if you are starting.

Choose a domain and check the availability

A domain name is essentially your website address. It is the URL you find in your browser’s search bar. Like .com is the domain name of this website. Make sure your domain name is unique, as it shows everyone how you present yourself on the internet.

You can check domain name availability on

  • Namecheap Website
  • GoDaddy Website
  • Check domain Website
  • Domain.com Website
  • Nameboy Website
  • Bluehost Website
  • Network Solutions Website

Finalize a design template

Every free website builder comes with an extensive library of templates. The templates are ready to use and can be used to design websites. Experiment and choose from various templates but try to match the template with the tone of your brand.

Create and upload your content

Once you have selected a free website builder, domain name, and template, it is time to start adding your content to your website. You have many content forms to choose from, including

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text.

Preview and test your website

Before hitting publish, make sure to preview the website. Check if the copy is delivering what it promised to do. It should be free from grammar mistakes and has a clear call to action.

The Preview version also helps to understand how the content looks on mobile, desktop, and other devices. Usually, you have to hit the preview button in the editor mode to see what your website would look like live.

Publish Your Website

There you go, publish your website. Once you have followed all the steps, you are ready to hit publish and tell the world you exist.


Can you make your website for free?

Yes, you can build a website for free. Many website builders offer a free or trial version for you to try out. Of course, it will not have paid features. Website builders vary in their free plans, but Wix offers the best and most comprehensive free option.

Why is it important to have a business website?

A strong online presence is extremely helpful, as it can make or break your online business. Sometimes, entrepreneurs hesitate to get online because they feel overwhelmed or tech-savvy. Occasionally, companies are concerned about the price.

Benefits of having a top-quality website

  • It will improve your business credibility
  • Creates awareness of your brand
  • It will help in generating leads
  • Assists in product launches, announcements, and discounts.
  • The website enhances customer experience
  • Promotes digital marketing strategy

How long does it take to build a website?

Building a website with a free website builder does not take much time. However, we will recommend spending some time selecting the correct one.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting plans
  • Quality template
  • Content format.

How long it takes to create a website depends on how complex you want it to be and how many pages you want.

How do I make a website to sell products and make money?

You can easily create an online store with website builders by upgrading their eCommerce plans. But, it would help if you used an eCommerce -specific platform like Shopify or Bigcommerce because they offer better features.

How much does it cost to make a website?

Website builders have set price plans, but you must pay for most apps and integrations. Some platforms, like Wix and Weebly, have free programs, but other platforms can cost anything from $8 – $40 /per month.

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