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10 Popular Mobile Phone Apps Built with React Native

The emergence of React Native has been quite interesting. This framework was introduced by Facebook and has now become the preference of everyone. It has become the top-notch choice for both iOS & Android mobile phone app development.

In 2015, Facebook disclosed React Native availability on Github. Now, developers from all around the world are making the most of the respective technology. Till now, React Native has approx 50,000 contributors. It has managed to maintain the 14th position among successful repositories on GitHub.

All these achievements have clearly shown the dominance of React Native over other mobile phone app development platforms. With such an upsurge in the demand for React Native, it is obvious that multiple apps would be based on it. For a better idea, you may check the play store of Google.

Popular Mobile Phone Apps Built with React Native

Whether you talk about startups or established companies, all indulge in React Native app development. With this particular post, we will help you in knowing about some recognized React Native-based apps. It will enhance your knowledge and let you develop smart mobile phone apps. So, let’s have a look at React Native based apps:


Facebook is a renowned social networking application. It comes under the category of the most frequently used mobile phone app. At the time when Facebook thought of launching a cross-platform app, it was a new concept. In such times, other companies were investing in native app development.

Unfortunately in 2010, the available mobile phone app development technologies were not suitable for cross-platform development. The original version was also too slow and had lots of errors. Hence, the development team for Facebook thought of creating a new framework for it.

Then, React Native came into existence. With such types of modifications, the social media app flourished everywhere. In this competitive age, the Facebook app has downloads of over 5 billion. It holds 1st place in the mobile phone app store. From the UI to the UX, the mobile app has managed to provide an immense experience every time.

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Skype has obtained a high appreciation for its functionalities. Its video conferencing feature adds a unique experience to its users. This mobile phone application that is owned by Microsoft assists in connecting a large number of people at one time to serve their purpose. The desktop version of this mobile phone app is based on the Electron.

If you talk about the mobile version, it is based on React Native. A big brand like Microsoft has Xamarin as its cross-platform tool. So, why do they opt for React Native to design the mobile version of Skype? The simple answer for that is the ease and simplicity of React Native.

The platform makes it possible to run an app on different OS(iOS and Android). It happens as the source code would be 90% similar for different versions. Since Skype is the most favoured app, it has maintained a record of 1 billion downloads on the app store. In the existing time, it is in the 27th position in social media apps.


Walmart has made a significant position in the retail industry. To be in the top-notch position, the famous brand opts for React Native. Behind doing so, their main motive is to provide great outcomes for the end-users.

With React Native, it became easy for them to use the same code for all operating software(Android & iOS). This minimizes the development cost to half as one team was liable to work on different OS. While using React Native, Walmart’s development found it convenient to add all required features.


UberEats is a great mobile phone app for ordering food online from a favourite restaurant. Initially, it was difficult for Uber to coordinate with restaurants, delivery associates, and diners. The organization was thinking of built-in a Restaurant Dashboard and thought of redesigning using React Native.

With the integration of React Native technology, the whole process got smooth. Although the framework has a small contribution to UberEats, the experience was positive. A little bit of improvement in the dashboard of UberEats changed everything. It helped them in attracting more customers and generating expected ROI.

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Pinterest was launched in the market in 2010. The great thing is that this mobile phone application got immediate attention for its uniqueness. It is a large collection of mood boards. You can use your inspiration and develop your boards. Using Pinterest, you have the leverage to share your thoughts and opinion with anybody.

A platform like Pinterest was already making use of React Native for apps. But later on, they started to use it for mobile versions. The code-sharing feature of React Native is a specific reason for using it for Pinterest. This minimizes the development work and makes it more scalable.

In the existing time, Pinterest has over 300 million users and it supports almost 200 billion pins. Besides this, Pinterest has recorded a search of around 2 billion on monthly basis. Amongst them, 500- 600 million are visual ones.


Like Facebook, Instagram has even got too much popularity. When it was started, only twenty-five users downloaded it on the first day. In a week, the downloads number reached almost a hundred. In 2012, Instagram users number reached almost 27 million. Later on, the development team for Instagram started to think of using React Native.

They were emphasizing how this framework would help their team to implement updates quicker. Now, React Native is empowering different features of Instagram. According to the development community of Instagram, 95% of the code is similar for (Android & iOS). The total number of downloads for Instagram is almost 1 billion.


Bloomberg is the most favoured app to know news related to the financial and business domain. Before its development team started to use React Native, they used to spend a lot of time on updating. It was difficult for them to create and update the Bloomberg mobile phone app for different versions(iOS and Android). By conducting the test for a sample app with React Native, the technology was started to use for React Native.


Tesla is the leading name for manufacturing all-electric cars. They have even used React Native to develop mobile phone applications. The benefit of using the specific framework is that it enhanced the users’ experience. Whether it would be Android or iOS, the Tesla app delivers the same experience.

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Myntra is an ideal example of how an online shopping mobile app should be like. Whether it is about UI or UX, the app is more convenient to use by people The mobile phone app platform has a large set of features. These featured elements include profiles, catalogues, and order placement options. With the integration of React Native, the experience with Myntra got improved for both Android and iOS versions.


It is a chatting app for gamers that is available for free. This allows doing chatting within a team. Besides this, one can have a look at the availability status or even continue with textual conversations. It’s Android & iOS version shares almost 98-99% of the same code. This is a most suited example of the way React Native assists in cross-platform app development.


We have listed 10 React Native-based mobile phone apps. All these are from different industries and are extremely popular.

About the performance and exposure, React Native app development framework is commendable. Using such a platform, it is not difficult to come up with a high-powered and impressive app. So, you shouldn’t be confused while choosing a framework for building mobile phone apps. Choosing React Native will always be a worthwhile decision.

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