10 most Common SEO Mistakes should be Avoided

SEO plays a major role in digital marketing. Especially there is high competition in today online business. If you would like to induce traffic to your website you’ve got to be updated with the search engine algorithms and avoid some SEO mistakes.

Even we tend attentive to SEO we may commit some mistakes rather than improving the SEO. If you are fresher in digital marketing you have to examine the subsequent SEO mistakes before finalizing any project.

Not Targetting right keywords

Keyword targeting for on-page SEO seems to be consistently decreasing. Basically there will be keywords which are ranking globally. If you are providing local services then there is no use of targeting global keywords. Because there will be big companies which will be struggling to rank for that keyword where you cannot beat the competition. So it is better to use a specific keyword for your website.

Ex: If you are running a travel agency in Hyderabad. Instead of focusing on only travel agency keyword you can easily get rank for a travel agency in Hyderabad. It is a specific keyword and keyword relevant to your website. Google will rank you high when compared to others. “Leadmirror provides your keywords ranking data based this you can analyse the on-page SEO.”

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Not Focusing on Relevant Content

Relevancy is the primary factor for ranking your website. If your content is your website is irrelevant then google think like a spammer and doesn’t increase its ranking in search engine. It may ban the website if it continues to do. Even the backlinks where you are linking to your website should be relevant. If links are from an irrelevant website then your spam score will be increased that will affect the decrease in your google ranking.

Poor Site Structure

When building a new website the developer may commit mistakes in the site structure. It is a fact he may not know about the SEO architecture the SEO analyst should take care of the site structure. As the home page as the highest authority when compared to other pages.

There are some cases where the high authority page is linking to several low authority pages it will affect the Google ranking. Make sure not more three links are connected to the home page. The links should be relevant to your website.

Not Keeping anchor text in the internal linking

Anchor text is one of the most important components of SEO. You may see links like click here, this post etc all these are generic terms. It helps in link building but while coming to SEO it is waste. Without the anchor text, the link will be having less value.

So use anchor text for internal linking. If you’re still not certain how to use an anchor text take a look at this anchor text optimization guide and resolve any unclarity if you have them.

SEO mistakes of not linking the old content with fresh content

A most common mistake in SEO is forgetting about the navigation. When you have written fresh content if is relevant to previous content It should be negated to old content. The users will be looking for information he will be happy if he found all the information in one place. Google also consider user time spent on your website for ranking your website.

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Not using analytics for conversion

SEO means not only getting traffic but also improving your conversion rate.
It is easy to get leads through the keywords where we are getting more traffic. But there are some other keywords where we are getting less traffic but more conversion rates It also generates leads where there is competition for our site. This can be known by analytics so that you can reduce your investment in PPC.

SEO Mistakes in Redirect from old URL

One SEO mistake will have a huge impact on the SEO that is while building a new website without redirecting from the old website. The search engine will automatically consider it has a completely new page without having rank history. Basically SEO analyst uses 301 map which redirects old URL to new URL page.

Not having a unique meta title and description

Some companies have the same meta titles to all the pages which is very bad for their SEO. Try to optimize your website for a unique meta title. The meta title is an important factor to rank your website.

SEO mistakes

Ex: My company website is ranking in the top 10 even there is huge competition. The leadmirror website is ranking in 3rd position for the keyword Search optimization tracker. The main reason is the meta title has search optimization tracker which google consider has the right result for that keyword.

Not Running a regular website audit is another SEO mistakes to avoid

SEO is not a one-time activity. It is a regular activity which needs to be updated based on the google algorithm. Leadmirror tool provides you complete SEO audit report of your website. In this report, we will understand the performance of your website. “Get Your complete SEO audit report in leadmirror for free”

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Buying backlinks

Backlinks are part of the SEO. The trust and authority of the website are obtained only by the backlinks. The backlinks from good websites really have a positive impact in terms of SEO to your website.

Nowadays there are some agents who are providing backlinks for money they may be broken links or links from a bad website which can harm your website ranking. New algorithm of Google has backlisted these websites which have paid backlinks

Conclusion on Common SEO Mistakes

These are the SEO mistakes which I have seen most of the marketers doing. The above information will help you to avoid mistakes while doing SEO for your website. SEO is very important for the website to rank on google.

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10 most Common SEO Mistakes should be Avoided

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