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10 Common Windows Drivers Problems and Solutions

Computer drivers are an integral part of your PC. Therefore, you need to look after them to make your computer work smoothly. PC Windows Drivers work as a medium between the hardware and the operating system of a computer.

Windows Drivers Problems

Significantly, you need to keep the Windows drivers up-to-date to avoid issues that hinder the performance of your computer. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the most common issues of device drivers and how can one solve them.

Windows Drivers’ problems and how to fix them?

There are a lot of Windows driver issues that naturally come to your system if you don’t take care of the drivers. The issues are as following:

Computer Freeze

  • Problem: This is the most common problem that is complained about by almost every user at least once in their lifetime. A computer that gets sluggish with time can be a result of this problem. If you are one of those people who run too many programs in the background while they work on their PC, then this issue must be giving you a lot of trouble.
  • Solution: Upgrade the RAM of your device if you are running out of memory.

Blue Screen of Death

  • Problem: The BSOD error happens to appear due to a critical system issue that windows fail to troubleshoot by itself. Some users have reported that they faced this issue while updating the OS to Windows 10.
  • Solution: Updating the graphics card can be an effective solution.
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Touchpad Driver issue

  • Problem: When the mouse of your device happens to freeze, it could be due to a USB device interfering with the touchpad, mouse settings have been disabled or the OS of the device fails to respond to the mouse.
  • Solution: To fix this issue, press the function key and the F5, F7, F8, F9 keys simultaneously. This is one of the most effective solutions as it will keep the mouse pad activated.

Display Driver

  • Problem: One of the key components of your computer system is Graphics card drivers. If your display is imparted, it could be due to an outdated or corrupted graphics card. To avoid any of the Windows drivers’ problems, you should consider installing the best driver updater to make it easier.
  • Solution: Update the graphics card. If your graphics card is updated and the problem persists, you need to check whether your graphics card is broken. If it is, consider replacing it with a new one.

Network Connection Problem

  • Problem: When your system has loose connections and the network adapter drivers are outdated or broken then this problem can persist. Interruption from third-party programs can also be a significant reason for the network connection issue.
  • Solution: Try running the default network troubleshooter. You should consider disabling the third-party antivirus and Firefall. After making all the adjustments, restart the network adapter as well to avoid the problem in near future.

USB Driver issue

  • Problem: It is yet another prominent issue that the users go through commonly. If the USB device is not recognized by the system or when the Windows could not start the hardware device as the configuration information is incomplete. There could be multiple USB driver issues that can hinder the functioning of your computer.
  • Solution: Consider updating the device drivers. You should also consider updating Windows to its latest version to make the Windows drivers’ update and system update work coordinately.
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Audio drivers Problems

  • Problem: If you are unable to hear the audio or the audio icons are missing from your display then you are probably facing issues with your audio drivers.
  • Solution: You can consider using the device manager to update the audio driver.

Windows 10 Updater Driver Problem

  • Problem: This problem can take place when the device drivers are old or damaged and the third-party apps interfere with the Windows 10 update. There could be many more reasons like low space on the disk space.
  • Solution: You can choose to troubleshoot device drivers and keep the Windows driver updated to its latest version to avoid this problem.

Printer not Responding Issue

  • Problem: When the problematic printer drivers cause configuration issues, ultimately leading to the error. The third-party apps interference could be a valid cause.
  • Solution: Before making any decision, verify all printer connections and configurations from your system. Then run the printer troubleshooting.

Keyboard not responding

  • Problem: Sudden non-functioning of the keyboard could be due to keyboard driver issues persisting in your device.
  • Solution: Try updating the keyboard drivers to eliminate this issue or you can even try to reinstall the keyboard drivers.

It is hoped that these solutions helped you with some of the most common problems in your PC. These solutions will save you big time!

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