10 Best Video Editing Tools for YouTube Vloggers

One of the most important skills required for a successful YouTube vlogger is a good eye for detail. Capturing the nuances and high-quality video editing tools to highlight them is crucial to driving the right message to the viewers.

Most YouTubers do get the capturing part right. However, projecting these subtleties is a skill many are yet to master. To get this right, one must be effective at communication and understand how to connect with the target audience.

Videos are essentially a creative mode of communication. They carry your message, whether it be an artistic one or a commercial one. This is why so many businesses, from large-scale manufacturers to the escape room Bangalore, use video marketing strategies to attract their customer base.

Video Editing Tools

But if your videos are not edited in a style that brings out your message clearly, no matter how fascinating the content is, raw footage will not get the job done.

So, as a vlogger, you can never underestimate the importance of good video editing. Vlogging can be a difficult job. And when you put so much effort into something and do not get anything in return, it can get upsetting.

To avoid such a predicament, it is essential to have a good grip on some good video editing tools and master their features.

Top 10 Video Editing Tools for YouTube Vloggers

Video Editing Tools

Looking for some good quality video editors that can take your content to the next level? Here are the best video editing tools available in the market that every vlogger swears by:


If you want to kick start with basic editing, then this is one of the most useful video editing tools for you. Featuring a simple interface with a plethora of functionalities, Filmora9 is easy to use and delivers high-quality performance.

This video editing tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac and offers features such as fast video rendering, lends correction, drop shadow, auto-enhance, and export options. You can continue using the free version if you don’t mind watermarking your videos. However, the premium version comes with some desirable added perks.

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Con: This video editing tool doesn’t offer limited colour grading and doesn’t support 360-degree videos.


This is a free vlog editing software that is perfect for Mac users. It allows you to edit footage that has been captured in 4K resolution, record voice-overs, and find some great templates in any genre. It also allows the users to add visual effects and filters like green screen, split-screen, and picture-in-picture.

Con: It doesn’t have some features found in paid video editors.


This video editing tool allows video and audio formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG-2, ASF, and MKV. This software also allows you to add subtitles, insert video streams, apply some filters to the videos, and speed up encoding, filtering, and processing. It also includes noise reduction and deinterlacing features.

Con: This video editing tool lacks some of the features that are found in paid video editors.


This software is a great tool for Vloggers who create video tutorials, how-to-use videos, video lessons, and any kind of instructional videos.

It offers a pre-built custom template for users to create recognizable videos. It also offers great green-screen capabilities, simple and intuitive interface, easy video recording, great annotation tools, screen capture, and constant upgrades.

Con: The video rendering offered by this tool is too slow and can be vulnerable to getting corrupted.

Adobe Premiere Element

Adobe is counted as one of the best tools for editing. It is simple and easy to use. The users get to choose from three- mode tabs: Quick, Guided, and Expert, and make projects accordingly. The features are

  • Video noise reduction
  • Auto-tagging
  • Time-lapse guide
  • Support for HEVC, and
  • HEIC windows are additional features of help

This video editing tool also has a Bounce Back effect, Animated GIF export, and candid moments to highlight the best parts of the videos.

Con: It has a steep learning curve.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

This is an award-winning video editing tool that promises ease to use and blazing speed editing. It has good title tools, stunning movie templates, and strong audio editing tool options. It has a simple and intuitive interface, constant upgrades, 4K and 360-degree video support, multi-camera editing, and a plethora of video effects and animations.

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Con: This video editing tool lacks organization.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This video editing tool allows users to edit any image and video file format, and the non-linear tool helps in moving scenes in any position over the timeline.

This software helps you in creating your library of edited media files and browse through all the edited footage. It also offers Instagram-like features and colour blending, 4K and HD support, video stabilization, and a YouTube uploader.

Con: The learning curve can be steep.


This in-browser video editor is for all types of content creators from beginners to professionals. It is your best bet to create professional 1080p HD videos for free. It has all the essential

  • Video editing options of
    • Trimming
    • Cutting
    • Speed control
    • Titles
    • Filters
    • Webcam
    • Screen recording

That is great for YouTubers who create training videos or tutorials. Clipchamp also has a library of stock videos, imagery and GIFs to explore.

Windows App Store - Video Editing Tool

Change backgrounds and add exciting special effects with its green screen video editor to make your videos more engaging. It has an iOS app that allows video editing on the go and works smoothly on Chromebook.

Con: Available on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers


This video editing tool is available in over 70 languages and allows users to add 3D animations and effects. You can also pass flying text, snow, and flares. It has a powerful VFX and real-time effect support and allows users to directly import their videos to YouTube. It also includes frame accuracy, time mapping, and curve-based keyframe animations,

Con: The video rendering speed of this software is slow.

DaVinci Resolve

This video editing tool is often used by big-budget movies. The Cut page feature of this tool speeds up the editing process with a streamlined interface and is great for colour correction and audio capabilities.

This tool also offers colour quality and enables vloggers to remove any blemishes and adjust their skin tones without any hassle. This software also offers built-in features such as dynamic zoom, retiming, and stabilization.

Con: This software has a complex interface and hence, can be difficult for beginners.

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Hitfilm Express

This is a powerful film editing software that is available for both Mac and Windows. It gives the users access to over 180 visual effects and allows them for 2D and 3D compositing. This software offers basic features which are easy to find and helps the users to speed up the editing process by giving them suggestions and tutorials.

Video Editing Tools

The launch slash page can be a huge help for new editors. This software also offers a variety of media format support, 4K support, great visual effects, grading tools, lightning effects, and advanced tracking options.

Con: The user interface of this video editing tool can be complex for some people.


These are some of the top video editing tools which are trusted by the best in the field. The list has something for everyone, no matter where you are in your Vlogging journey. From video editing novices to professional editors, these tools can prove to be useful for all your specific requirements.

Most of the video editing tools come with free trials, if not fully free versions. So, make sure to test them out before investing your time and efforts. Each video editing tool has something unique to bring to the table. Now it is up to you and your style to choose the suitable one among them.

You can ensure if the tool and editing style you have chosen fits the bill or not by taking feedback. This feedback can come from either your direct audience or from other professionals in the same field. Take reviews from multiple people and tally the responses to see which areas need more attention. This is the only way to grow in such a technical yet creative field as video editing.

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