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10 Best Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Staircase at Home

Stairs are very important to link floors with each other. Because of them, you can go up and down your house and can use a big portion of it, maximizing space usage when building your house or giving a go for custom home designs. The wooden staircase is very common among houses because of its toughness.

They are safer too compared to other materials like glass and metal which can become slippery. Wooden stairs have huge benefits, and their charisma is not found from any other stair make-up! Just like anything else at home, wooden stairs must be maintained well, so they can function their purpose properly and completely. You and your family’s safety will also be assured with wooden stairs that are kept in a good and safe condition.

With that, here are 10 tips to help you maintain your wooden staircase at home

Keep them Clean

Wooden Stairs

Regularly clean your stairs. Bear in mind that feet, slippers and (if you allow) shoes step on them! Soles of footwear are dirty, and you are not fully aware where you stepped them on, but you are sure that they are not clean at all!

Truth is even when your indoor slippers are just used inside the house and slightly used in your backyard too, it can still get dirty since germs are everywhere, you just don’t see them. How much more those shoes you brought in from work, from school, from the market and from anywhere else outdoors?! Without a doubt, they are nastier than you imagine.

Keep your stairs clean all the time since these instances happen when you step on them mindlessly and recklessly. Sweep them. Rub them with a sponge, clean water and proper cleaning agents. Mop them. Vacuum them. Do what you have to do as long as you do them gently, wisely and responsibly.

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Properly Polish

Wooden Staircase

Don’t let liquid spills stay long on the stairs. Wipe them immediately. The finish might get affected negatively which can lead to wear-and-tear, shortening the life span of your strong stairs. Polishing once a week is essential for extra maintenance plus you can keep your stairs look brand new and shiningly clean!

Moreover, it makes your stairs resistant to wet elements that can damage it eventually. At the same time, it contributes to your own safety as polishing allows reduction of slippery areas of the stairs. Use a polish with good quality oil.

Fix Cracks

Wooden Staircase

Dents, cracks and breaks can be inevitable for wooden stairs at home, especially when you transfer huge and rough furniture or appliances up and down your house. When you notice any of them, immediately work on fixing them and improving them if necessary.

In that way, they will not get any worse. They will not get bigger. Prevent further stair damage, and make your stairs last effectively. Also, people in your house will get prone to accidents if you have problematic stairs. Make sure distorted parts will be brought back to normal, holes will be covered and broken steps will be mended. Accidents like slipping and tripping are likely if you ignore stair flaws.

No to Strong Chemicals

Wooden Staircase

Making your stairs hygienic is not merely cleaning them. You should do it right and in the best way. Prior to cleaning the wooden staircase, know the kind of wood and the sealant used on it for you to determine the cleaning products and tools allowed to be used. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning instruments.

Consider Stair Structure

Wooden Staircase

When you are moving appliances, furniture and other stuff close to the stairs, it would be helpful to consider stair structure. That’s for you to make sure your stairs from your custom home design will not be hit by sharp edges of door cabinets or scratched by table sides. You can save space while making sure that every part of your house is positioned appropriately relative to all your house items as well.

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Carpet Stair Treads

Wooden Stairs

Stairs are high-traffic surfaces at home. Because of that, they can easily olden, fade in colour and get challenged by movements and actions done by people. To retain the colours and finish of wooden staircase, you can install carpet stair treads which are like rags that cover portions of the stairs. Staircases will be protected from frequent and harsh contact with feet, footwear and other objects.

Watch out for Powdery Portions


You should be observant of your wooden staircase. When you notice powdery portions, be alarmed. Beetles and termites might be beginning to destroy your stairs. Get in the move. Hire a pest control company or do the cleaning and pest elimination yourself if you can. Act before the destruction!

Listen to Creaking Sounds

Wooden Staircase

If you hear creaking sounds when the stairs get stepped on, pay attention to check it out. Your stairs might be having loosened joints which can lead to breakage. Fix it in advance if needed before your stairs get sad and give up.

Keep the Kids with Pencils away


Some little kids are so playful that they think the stairs are for drawing and colouring using their pencils, markers and crayons! Keep them away from the stairs when they get a hold of their writing materials. You’re lucky if they are washable, but if not, it’s a mishap if prevention is not present. Give kids papers, colouring books and other stuff they can play with and write on! Instruct them what they must and must not do.

Carry Stuff Over

Wooden Staircase

Avoid dragging things like tables, chairs, toys, clothes baskets and other stuff on your stairs. They lead to cuts and abrasions that make the stairs lose their shine and be vulnerable to more damages. You should carry stuff over the stairs instead. Ask help from others if you cannot do it on your own. If there’s no one to aid you, just put foams or paddings under your furniture, so even if you will have to drag them on the stairs, they will not rub hoarsely on the surface.

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Precious Steps

Wooden staircase at home can look alluring and elegant not only by giving them nice colours and designs but also by keeping them clean and functional in the best way. Maintenance of these stairs should never be ignored and taken lightly because stairs bring you to places.

If they are not preserved with care and caution, they can break, be ineffective and cause harm to those who will use them. When these become problematic, other portions of your house might be affected, given that wood is an influential material. Take care of your wooden staircase, and make every precious step safe, convenient and comfortable!

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