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10 Best Social Platforms to Promote your Business Online

This is true that every business owner needs to know that how can s/he increase the horizon of its business. So you cannot deny that a business tycoon is never concerned about the business enlargement. When you have to increase the horizon of your business, social platforms are the key that comes handy.

There are numerous social media marketing agencies that are working with the famous and non-famous business owners and helping them out in selecting which the best social media platform is for them. But wait are you thinking to approach any of them? Do approach them but, first, don’t think you should have your homework done where and how to get the best social media marketing agency for your business promotion.

To help you in completing your homework here are the top 10 best platforms that any social media marketing agency could ever use

Best Social Platforms


There must be any shock or doubt while seeing Facebook at the top. Facebook has more than 2.41 billion active users that are huge for sure. And if you want to grow your business horizon then Facebook is the key to that door. With these numbers of active users, it is certain that you would get your desired number of traffic.

Facebook Messenger

Certainly, Facebook Messenger has to be at the second top best social media marketing platform to grow your business. Because these days where everyone is so busy they just want quick and responsive answers to which the Facebook Messenger is the best. As Facebook Messenger is the part of Facebook so whoever will download Facebook will certainly download Facebook Messenger that would result in heavy traffic.

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It has to be at the third priority because the social media marketing agency is reportedly working on Instagram and on how to gain heavy traffic from it. Choosing Instagram as your best platform to enlarge the horizon of your business has many advantages. Firstly, the app is easy to use and can be viewed instantly. Moreover, the app is used by most of the celebrities which are a plus point. Because it is certainly the best application to reach out to your favourite celebs.


Along time ago, Pinterest was only used as a source of free or paid picture but as time has gained its modernization. Pinterest has made it to this level. The Pinterest app has a monthly 2.91 million active users, which is no doubt a lot and certainly a great number to engage higher traffic for your business.


Snapchat is not just a picture-clicking app but way more than this. If you opt for this app as your best social platforms then keep in mind that your data is secured and cannot be copied. Because every time whoever takes a screenshot or screen records your data, you will be notified. Moreover, with the passage of time, Snapchat is gaining a lot of active users and according to the study it is expected to gain more.


Who does not know about YouTube? It is technically a video platform that allows the user to watch or upload videos. Through, YouTube you can reach out to any region. The app has more than 2 billion active users. Likewise, of any trending application, it has the advantage of providing visual content that certainly makes a difference.

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It is one of the oldest social media platforms with average active users of about 336 million monthly. The social media marketing platform is certainly the one that helps in generating a lot of traffic for your site. You can post everything you feel like posting as a tweet.


This is for the most favourite application of social platforms because certainly, this platform is ideally designed for professional use only furthermore, through this application you can connect to the people you want to. Also, here in LinkedIn, you may only encounter with the professionals so it is the safest social media platform to share your content.


This is the most emerging social media platform these days as it got popularity in 2018, specifically. This app might not be the right application for business planning or meeting but by sponsoring some of the videos you can gain heavy traffic. Because TikTok is far most the most viewed, used, and downloaded application specifically in the last couple of years.


You might not have heard about this application and certainly not the first application to come in mind when you think of the social platforms. But keep in mind that this application does play an important role in branding and maintaining the image of the company. Despite not as popular as it is, it certainly builds up the most astonishing and alluring sketch for your business.

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