10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

When talking about Instagram marketing, we are talking about the possibility of promoting your brands on one of the biggest social media platforms with more than one billion active users monthly. Among the most used mobile applications, Instagram ranks in sixth position having 13% of the world population and more than 80% following at least one brand.

With the large audience, Instagram becomes a powerful tool for marketers to build their brand and grow their business to a higher level. Most marketers use Instagram to improve their brand visibility, increasing the competition. Drive this higher traffic and gain more engagement by following the top 10 smart ideas to improve your marketing on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Idea #1: Know Your Targeted Audience

If you are simply posting your content on Instagram, it will not improve your engagement. Engagement is nothing but making your audience interact with you. So know the audiences who are interested in your business or brands and start targeting them to increase your followers.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

Instagram provides an inbuilt tool, “Instagram Insights,” to track your audience’s performances. You can use this tool only if you have a business account. The insight tool gives the demographics of your followers, helping you to analyze the following,

  • Type of content to post, increasing the audience’s interest.
  • Ways to improve your brand voice
  • The active time of your followers to post your content for higher engagement.

Instagram Marketing Idea #2: Share Attractive Images

Since Instagram is a powerful visual medium, sharing images should attract your followers to view your page. As already discussed, billions of people use Instagram to share their moments. Among these, your content should stay ahead in your follower’s newsfeed by creating attractive and engaging content.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

There are millions of tools to edit images by adding filters and text. Use these tools to create engaging content to capture your audiences’ eyeballs. Give consistent content on your page to improve your brand trust.

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Instagram Marketing Idea #3: Be Interactive Using Your Stories

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram stories to capture moments and share them with friends and followers in an easy way. More than 300 million people use Stories daily, and they spend an average of about 28 minutes daily on Instagram stories.

IG stories are the best way to interact with your followers, allowing you to create quizzes, ask questions and create polling with the help of stickers. Some of the stickers to increase engagement on stories are,

  • Question Sticker – It provides a great opportunity for your followers to know about your business and brands in detail and also helps you to ask any questions to your followers directly.
  • Quiz Sticker – It allows you to share the multiple-choice questions with your followers, and you can track the results for each option.
  • Countdown Sticker – Before launching a new product or announcing an event, use this sticker to create excitement among your followers.
  • Poll Sticker – Makes the voting easier and can use this sticker to know your followers’ opinion.

Instagram Marketing Idea #4: Explore With Instagram Video Formats

Though photos on Instagram gain likes and comments, the content in video format drives more users to your content in detail with the visual format. Instagram allows users to post a video for a maximum of about 60 seconds on feed and 15 seconds on Instagram stories.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

After that, Instagram came up with the latest and more engaging option called “IGTV (Instagram Tv)” to post a longer video for about 15 minutes. Preparing an IGTV video allows you to explain your business or brand in a clear way. These engaging videos bring out an opportunity to get more IGTV likes improving your brand visibility among larger audiences.

Instagram Marketing Idea #5: Go Live To Engage Your Audience

Instagram Live is an excellent way to connect with your followers directly by sharing important updates and build higher engagement for your brand. More than 80% of people watch Live Stream rather than reading a blog because, with live videos, you can easily explain your business’s importance in an engaging way.

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More than 80% of people watch Livestream videos rather than reading a blog. With the live video, you will get the chance to welcome your audience with names, answer the questions of the audience in live or you can show the working and benefits of your product resulting in brand awareness and improve business engagement.

Instagram Marketing Idea #6: Keep Yourself Active On Your Page

Keep yourself active by growing your business on Instagram with more engaging audiences. Respond to all the comments of your followers for each photo and video content. The interaction will bring a bond between you and your audience, improving your product visibility.

Building a strong relationship with your audience may intend to share their favorite post or products from your feed with their friends. It gives positive support to business, increasing your followers and building trust.

Instagram Marketing Idea #7: Bring Posts At The Best Time

The important tactic to increase engagement on Instagram is by posting your content at the correct time. Make your post visible to all your followers in their feeds and drive the competition with perfect analysis. Get a clear picture of your audience’s active time on Instagram from the analytic tool.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

Posting after that analysis will definitely gain higher engagement than the last posts. On average, the best time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM and 1 PM in the morning and between 7 PM to 9 PM. Scheduling important content on weekends will get more engagement than posting on weekdays.

Instagram Marketing Idea #8: Engage With Similar Accounts

Search for your competitors available on Instagram and start monitoring their accounts. Notice the type of content they are delivering and the content which gets higher likes and comments. Use the same tactic on your Instagram post in a different way to engage your audience with your brand.

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Also, fill the gaps of your competitor in your content, which means notice your competitor where they lag, it may be not responding to comments properly, posting rarely, or using dry content. Make this an excellent opportunity to engage those audiences with your brand.

Instagram Marketing Idea #9: Partnership With Influencers

If you are a beginner in marketing on Instagram, join hands with influencers to increase your audiences. Influencer marketing is the greatest marketing strategy to improve your business with more engagement in a quick way. Influencers are nothing but having a wider audience.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

Collaborating with influencers helps you to increase your brand reach among new audiences and drive more engagement. Choose influencers by looking at your audience’s interest and reach them to partner with you. It is one of the important methods to get new audiences for your business.

Instagram Marketing Idea #10: Importance Of Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in improving your business or brand visibility to a wider audience. If your focus is on increasing engagement to your product, find out the relevant hashtags to your brand that drive more people.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement

Find the hashtags on your search bar showing the number of posts using the particular hashtag. Use hashtags with higher usage in your content to make your post visible to new audiences easily. With the Hashtag Analytics tool, you can find which hashtags in your post, drive more audiences to your page, and use the same in all your content to get higher engagement.

Wrapping Up

Every user on Instagram wants a continuous presence to engage them. The most important Instagram marketing idea is to bring the interaction of their audiences. Instagram helps to achieve them easily with more engagement. Understanding your follower’s interests will boost your brand awareness in a great way.

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10 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas for More Engagement
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