10 Best Coworking Office Space Business Tools

Coworking office spaces are an amazing way to do business cost-effectively. After COVID, millions of people are working from home while there are freelancers too. The coworking office space management tools help coworking spaces thrive and create the best experience for their members and visitors.

So, in such conditions, if someone is looking for an office where they can sit and work, a coworker space would be the answer. But if you already own one and are looking to get solutions for the problems that arise, you should read this article.


Handling and managing a coworking space can be difficult. But with coworking office space software like cobot, you can easily manage a lot of stuff. This software’s features are vast and provide several types of management facilities.

Best Coworking Office Space Business Tools

Their website says that they allow co-work space owners to spend less time on sales, lease agreements, and billing. The coworking office space software is also helpful for space occupancy optimization, contracts, and other types of automation.

They provide free support, and they also have guides for their services. Moreover, they update their guides and content to help owners run their places with their software. Their add-ons include

So, you can tap into a new world with this coworking office space software that is helping co-work space owners worldwide.


Nexudus is another coworking office space software that you can use for your office space to allow better facilities. If you own such a place and look to get solutions for such a place, this coworking office space software can help. It helps you manage invoices, book resources, and check availability.

You can take payments automatically, use their CRM for leads and integrate with popular solutions. They also allow you to connect your members with the members’ directory. If you are looking forward to having an event, you can try their services for even selling tickets.

They have a members’ portal that you can customize, and there is an app available for members. The coworking office space tool discussion boards are another type of help you can get. Their support helps you with all the technical and general support you need.

Best Coworking Office Space Business Tools

Moreover, their portal has resources about how you can learn the software. They have a complete solution for meeting and booking management. Their proposal and documents templates help you manage the space better. If you are looking for floor plans for your clients, you can get that with this software. You can book desks from the portal they offer.

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Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is another product that helps you manage coworking spaces. You can use this coworking office space software for different types of communities. You can try managing to showcase spaces, automating administration, and IT solutions.

At the same time, this coworking office space software allows you to manage accounting operations. It is software that allows good experiences for your customers. You can manage tours, booking, and sales cycles with it.

Moreover, you can try it for license management and integrate it with eSignature. They also offer a portal to manage things. This software allows you to manage contract types that help you with operations. You can manage automated approval workflows on these contracts.


Optix is one of the most famous coworking office space software that you can use to manage workspaces. It has different types of customizable features and tools.

So, you can choose a certain types of tools and features to use for your workspace. You can use this software to help you manage all the spaces and get the best for your place. With this one, you can manage all the services and resources of your space in the best ways.


This coworking office space management software is a multi-dimensional one that allows you to manage different aspects of your space. You can use it for sales and marketing by publishing landing pages.

You can use it for booking and invoicing. Moreover, you can use it for credit cards, PayPal, cash, bank transfer, and cheque invoices. Try using it as it allows different types of customizations for your customers and members.

Tips for Managing Such a Place

If you are looking for some tips to manage such a place, you should have the following.

Community is important

When you reach out to people you are looking to allow into your place, be a bit choosy. Ensure that you understand what kind of customers you are looking for. There are many different types of communities that you can allow to be your tenants.

If you are looking for digital industry people or freelancers, you should have an open area with shared tables. You may have daily passes or even weekly ones for this kind of community. These management strategies will change if you look for different kinds of communities to come.

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Hire The Dream Team

Hiring a good team is one of the most important parts of such management. You can have a team that comes from a hospitality background. Moreover, you should have technology experts, RDO or reception desk officers, and community managers.

At the same time, you should hire marketing people. The experts believe that you can hire someone without any prior experience. People with a helpful attitude and work ethic can help.

Space Planning with Zones

Space planning is one of the most important tips that you must follow. If you are looking to accommodate different types of customers, you should have a complete plan. You should have a space that consists of team rooms, conference rooms, open spaces, and private spaces.

Moreover, you should allow different types of common rooms for entertainment. Private spaces can be helpful for people looking to have quiet places for meetings. So, provide that if your customers need more quiet places.

At the same time, know what they need most if you are looking for other kinds of customers. Surveying or reading about their needs would be a great way to go forward.

Environment is Important

When it is about a co-work space, the need for the environment is one of the most important things. So, take care of your customers’ feelings when they enter or work there. Try to manage and buy the best type of chairs and desks for the offices. At the same time, you should have a great environment without any high noise levels.

The beauty of Environment and Snacks

If you are looking to have a good environment, you should look for flowers. You can also try offering snacks with coffee and tea.

The use of a coffee machine would always be a great idea to go for. Some spaces also have baristas to support their customers. You can try using different types of flowers for different colours of the walls and spaces. Trying matching and contrasting colours would be helpful.

Plan Well

Planning a workspace is important, and there are some mistakes that you should avoid. For instance, you should know the investment you are making. So, try to know how to get maximum profit when the place is ready for renting. Some experts believe that you should also look for hosting events and subleasing.

The rent for such places has gone down during the COVID. So, trying to have a place gives you multiple types of profits. Try to consult the experts like a bartender when you are looking to get a coffee machine. You should also know if the area needs a place like that or if there is no demand.

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Create a Community, not a Building

One of the most common mistakes you can make as a co-space owner is not building a community. When you have a community, you have a chance of attraction for your potential customers. Build an online and offline community to maximize your selling.

You should grow your social followers to get more exposure online. This can help you build a following with visual content that lets people know your place. So, get the best out of what you can do online. Moreover can grow your social followers to the success you were dreaming of.

Communicate and Network

The experts believe that if you have the right networking within your business, you have better chances of making it.

For instance, if you know people in your business, you can allow your place for their events and have commission. Moreover, you learn a lot when you actually are in the field. So, keep expanding and getting new types of knowledge about the industry.


We talked about the best coworking office spaces management tools. The best tools in the market for this purpose are

  • Cobot
  • Nexudus
  • Yardi Kube

These coworking office space tools help you with almost all types of tasks you need to operate. You can work better when you have the right mindset and methods to improve your game. So, you can use the tips of planning the right way, choosing the right environment, and others. Moreover, you should know about creating a community and planning as zones.

These methods can help you grow as a coworking space owner and get you to new heights. When you have a successful business, you can earn from it through online methods too. At the same time, you can allow people to work at your place and bring revenue in.

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