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10 Best Android Apps Development Company Bangladesh

Android Apps development is the procedure by which mobile apps are created for mobile devices operating on the Android OS. According to Google statement, Android apps can be created using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages using the Android software creation outfit (SDK).

Some programming languages and tools permit cross-platform apps support for both Android and iOS. 3rd party tools, creation environments, and language support have also continued to develop and expand since the initial SDK was released. The authorized Android app distribution method to end-users is Google Play Store which allows gave gradual app delivery, as well as distribution of pre-release app versions to apps testers.

To win the race of your business competition, you should make an android mobile application from the best android apps development company in Bangladesh. Android apps development helps all types of businesses with the right technology stack. Therefore, you have to choose the best android apps development company to fulfil your target and get your potential customer.

Best Android Apps Development Company

Android app development makes your business more effective and easy to control. To maintain, design and develop your business you have to need android apps development immediately. Android apps development means to process making and maintaining android software for android devices.

This app develops android phones, tablets, watches, TV, and cars, also develops Google pixel, Google Chromebook, and the rest of all android devices. We see thousands of companies all around the world, but you have to choose the best android apps development company.

What Are the Different Types of Android Apps Development?

There are various types of android apps development, which is developing on various platforms. Each platform has to launch an android app. Android apps development analyzes your business strategy, develops your business and engages more potential customers. It keeps your business effectively and makes it user friendly.

Types of Android Apps Development

  • Android Apps Development
  • Windows Phone App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Hybrid Apps Development
  • Native Android Apps Development
  • Android Apps Driven by Cloud
  • Facebook Android Apps Development
  • Android E-commerce Apps Development
  • Custom Business Android Apps Development
  • Industry-Specific Android Apps Development
  • Blockchain Android Apps Development
  • IoT Android Apps Development
  • Fintech Android Apps Development
  • Augmented Reality Android Apps Development
  • Enterprise Android Apps Development
  • Custom Android Apps Development
  • Mobile Banking Android Apps Development
  • Financial Android Apps Development
  • Consumer Android Apps Development
  • Wearable Android Apps Development

To Android Apps Development Company in Bangladesh

From thousands of android apps development companies, you have to choose the best one by their expert’s team, portfolio, and brand. My company’s performance, customer feedback is more helpful for choosing the best android company.

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I will try to discuss to Android Apps Development Company in Bangladesh


The most popular android apps development company in Bangladesh is REXO IT. There are 200+ high-technologized specialist teams. They provide excellent apps solutions such as android apps development, software app development, and web development service. They help clients with consulting the IT solution and support. REXO IT helps clients to solve their business analysis and business development by their service.

android app development company

REXO IT is proud to be their expert team that thrives on rolling up their sleeves and solving customers’ problems. About more than 1200+projects are handled all over the world with customer satisfaction. REXO IT provides its service not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide. They keep a guarantee to develop the client’s satisfaction and always prioritize the customer.

TopOfStack Ltd. Company

TopOfStack is a specialized developing company in Bangladesh. They not only provide android app development but also its solutions and consulting the development service. There are experts and special development companies, which provide android apps development, IOS app development, and windows app solutions.

android app development company

They provide more than 300 apps for the Apps store and play store. More than 1000+ clients depended on the Software Ltd. Companies around the world. They offer native android and android using swift. They try to keep their reputation by providing low prices and customer satisfaction.

AZMI Studios

AZMI Studios started its journey in 2018 with an android development service. They provide both android and IOS app development with advantages technology. Nowadays they started their journey with new trends in gaming app development. There are experts and advantages to developing a team that provides service with clients’ satisfaction.

This team includes the expert’s web designer, AR/VR specialist, and animation developer with both startups and enterprises. AZMI STUDIOS completed 50+ projects in deterrent clients like the US, Canada, UK, China, India, and European countries. AZMI Studio is a famous solution company in Bangladesh and the top mobile games & apps we developed.

Elegance IT Solution

Elegance IT Solution helps to creatively online mobile apps, android app, and software solutions. They provide satisfaction to customers and control over the look and feel of your website. They keep their potential customers by providing high-quality android app development and generate new leads.

This gives you a better experience and the ability to manage your business solution. They provide a simple and powerful solution for the potential customer.

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IOTA is a popular android app development company in Bangladesh that provides high-quality android app development. They help their clients with cutting engineering solutions as customer requirements. They provide local and international companies and solve their issues cordially.

They always try to keep their evolution journey with their potential customers. They help to give the ideas from conception to completion that are essential for any business owner.

It is a reliable and global mindset company in Bangladesh. About more than 200+projects are handled every year and have 100+ developers. It helps the customer to influencers to promote their product on online platforms.

TrillionBits Ltd

TrillionBits Ltd. founded in2017 is providing android app development. More than 100+ experts develop in their company and they provide both Bangladesh and international clients with their satisfaction. About 1000+ projects are handled each year and being able to change business conditions.

android app development company

They provide Android apps development, software development, and Games app development depending on the market and clients’ requirements. It supports business technology and business analysis by its expert team. They build modern software with advantages on various online platforms. For proper planning, professional development, website management, and hosting, you can highly trust them.

Flyte Solutions

Flyte Solutions is one of the most popular software and information technology app development solutions companies in Bangladesh. They especially provide manufacturing, health, and android app development service.

Their specialized team consulting the potential customer with their satisfaction. More than 200+ excellent developers. They consult as a team and provide high-quality android apps development. They are specialized, innovative and value-driven, which is more helpful to the customer.

Flyte Solutions believe that working collaboratively with clients is more inspiration to customer satisfaction. The mission of this company is to grow clients’ business platforms.


ZovoTeam.com is a digital agency that provides android apps development services and digital marketing analysis. They are the most advantageous and experts in developing teams with clients’ satisfaction. Each of the clients provides a proper solution and consult cordially.

Their team confidently solves the client’s solution and analyzes their business platform. They keep their quality to provide professional app development for the clients. They always ensure the client’s satisfaction.

About more than 1000+projects and 200+ developers work at ZovoTeam. They guarantee their service and provide the best service to clients. No doubt, you can depend on their service.

Creative Tech Park

The famous android apps development company in Bangladesh is Creative Tech Park. It is providing website development, mobile app development, android, and its solution. They ensure high technology and develop creatively for their clients.

About more than 200+ projects are handled in various counties all over the world. They keep the best and qualified technology as the customer requires. They also provide solutions like web design, web hosting, and web domain. It was established in 2012 in Dhaka.

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More than 150+ experts’ developers in their team use high technology to consult their clients by their business analysis, digital marketing, and optimizing their social business. They provide service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, France, and India.


Leotech is the largest android apps development company in Bangladesh. They provide their service with innovative and creative service solutions for their potential customers. They are a very expert team to develop the android app, mobile app, and software. They provide information solutions and communication.

Leotech also includes base and software base development as the client’s requirement. They help you to develop your business and establish yourself. Generally, they provide android e-commerce software, an online news portal, Bulk SMS service, and accounts management software.

They are committed to provide high-quality service and keep customer satisfaction with their service support. They always on-time deliver gives proper information and prioritize the clients’ requirements. More than 100+ experts’ developers and 1000+ projects handle each year.


The best android apps developing company provides various bespoke android apps development services for global brands, startups businesses. Best android app development helps you grow your business. They also provide you with its solutions and business development consulting.

To make your business smart and have more advantages you have to depend on android apps development. You define any android apps company by their service, expert’s developer. The expert’s team develops your apps with the latest technology developing to build your android app development.

To develop your business platform, the best choice is android apps development that is more flexible and makes many additional expenses for publishing their business platform. So try to find out the best android app development company in Bangladesh to develop your business platform.

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