#1 Cyber Security Software to Protect Your Data

CyberSafe is complete cyber security software designed to provide everything you need to protect your data effectively, reliably and without any hassle from hackers. The cyber security tools offer many different techniques and algorithms to encrypt files and folders which can then be digitally signed. CyberSafe provides super features for effectively hide files and folders, a feature in Windows which, by itself, is very limited.

With cyber security software, a hidden file or folder will be automatically encrypted and properly hidden and completely inaccessible over a network, by using Safe Mode, changing the hard drive location or using remote desktop tools. Even if a hidden file or folder is located, the data within will be completely unreadable to unwelcome visitors. Other things which can be encrypted using CyberSafe are virtual volumes and emails.

The cyber security software also provides Amazon S3 secure backup. This is a fully automated backup tool complete with the most powerful encryption algorithms available and full task scheduling. It allows for a fully transparent process in which files on Amazon are launched from the remote server as they were on the local computer.

They are then encrypted and saved on Amazon S3. Access rights functions allow administrators to easily manage the corporate workspace complete with 100% secure data encryption. The cyber security software provides complete certificate management to allow administrators to create, import, export and edit certificates of many types including OpenPGP, RSA, GOST and PKCS#7.

CyberSafe FireWall

Cyber Security Software

The cyber security software designed to protect computer systems and the local network from external malicious influences. The cyber security program hides all ports to make the computer invisible for scanning (Stealth security), protects the system from external attacks, monitors all potential and real threats, and ensures that no one unauthorizedly connects to the PC via the network.

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The rule filters are processed low in the network driver and are therefore more secure than filters applied at the application level that most other personal firewalls use. Unfortunately, modern viruses are smart enough to go to the privileged level (Ring0) using the “callgate” mechanism of Intel processors and work directly with the kernel components of the MS TCP / IP stack, bypassing any application-level firewalls.

Low-level filters cannot be bypassed this way. It works at a low level (below the TCP / IP protocol stack) and does not allow packets to pass if they do not comply with the rules defined by the program administrator. The cyber security software also monitors the status of each connection and collects information in the connection table about the source and destination of each packet.

A stateful packet inspection firewall significantly improves the efficiency of the network packet filter because it keeps the attributes of each connection in memory. It stores information about the state of each connection from start to finish and performs all resource-intensive checks during connection setup. Thus, all session packets are processed much faster. The program controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. When monitoring network traffic, the server is protected from attacks through unused network ports or available server applications.

The cyber security software firewall offers advanced and flexible filtering to create a network policy of any complexity required in a corporate environment. The program can act as a LAN gateway, remotely manage each client, perform centralized deployment, quickly create isolated information systems, check the integrity and restore functionality after failures, detect and register security policy violations, organize port and address forwardings to create server clusters – all this makes company confidential information inaccessible for network attacks.

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Installation of CyberSafe Cyber Security Software

Full feature of the Cyber Security Software

The software offered support for Skype. Skype traffic can be encrypted extremely effectively with CyberSafe so that you can always be sure that the risk of information leak is always at a minimum. It can hide so that nobody even needs to know about any encryption activities on your computer.

The program can be hidden from the running processing list, the system registry, the control panel and the file system itself. There are also methods to make the encryption software even more secure such as file blocking, master key protection, PIN codes and various other options. The cyber security software may also be used with the FSB-certified Crypto-Pro CSP in both governmental and banking organizations.

The cyber security software has a vastly wider set of features than most other encryption software. You can just see how it compares to other products at the official site. There is a detailed overview of the product over there as well as a list of features and supported encryption algorithms. CyberSafe is ideal for anyone who needs to protect their data with as much security as possible be they professionals or common users.

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